Winner of Best Paper Award

Image-based hysteresis compensator for a flexible endoscopic surgery robot
  • Donghoon Baek, Ju-Hwan Seo, JoonHwan Kim and Dong-Soo Kwon*

Winner of Best Application Paper Awards

End-to-end robot manipulation using demonstration-guided goal Strategies
  • Cheol-Hui Min and Jae-Bok Song*
Development of a Compatible Exoskeleton (Co-Exos II) for Upper-Limb Rehabilitation
  • Leiyu Zhang, Jianfeng Li*, Mingjie Dong, Ying Cui, Xi Rong

Winners of Outstanding Paper Awards

A MIMO Robust Servo Controller for a Two Wheeled Automated Guided Vehicles Using a Linear Shift Invariant Differential Operator
  • Van Lanh Nguyen, Sung-Won Kim, Dae-Hwan Kim, Hak-Kyeong Kim and Sang-Bong Kim*
A Heuristic for Coordination of Two Heterogeneous Mobile Robots while Minimizing Maximum Travel Cost
  • Jungyun Bae and Woojin Chung*